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How to Start, Run and Grow Your Business as Entrepreneur

How to Start, Run and Grow Your Business as Entrepreneur
Entrepreneur, a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit...

Who is an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is an individual who, rather than working as an employee, founds and runs a small business, assuming all the risks and rewards of the venture. The entrepreneur is commonly seen as an innovator, a source of new ideas, goods, services and business/or procedures.

How to Grow Your Startup 

  1. Don’t waste your time with B2C high volume products (freemium models). Large scale businesses can make you a billionaire if you make it right. But getting to $10k in a month quickly, is easier B2B or in Ecommerce. B2B services are the fastest way to $10k/month, but they can become time consuming. (marketing, consulting, freelancing, agency services, etc).
  2. Sales funnels are good, but you probably won’t create a sales funnel until you hit $10k a month, and can invest money to create a "kick-ass" funnel.
  3. Cold emails and Linkedin are the cheapest lead generation tools. B2B - Target prospects. B2C - Target blogs, podcasts and potential strategic partners.
  4. Building your personal brand will get you there much faster:
    1. Get public speaking gigs
    2. Guest post on major publications
    3. Speak at a prestigious university or business location
    4. Go onto podcasts, webminars or videos like Youtube or Facebook live.
    5. Grow in followers: focus on one platform (Email/Instagram/Facebook)
    6. Get more credibility, to consistently be able to charge 10X more than your current rates. You need a steady base of testimonials, case studies and people who'll vouch for you.
    7. Add in group coaching (coaches, consultants, freelancers). Find a way to make your coaching B2B, and offer to coach/consult in groups, where possible.
  5. Automated lead generation is crucial:
    1. Facebook advertising, cold or opted-in emails, doing great work and getting a lot of referral work. 
    2. Automated lead generation is the key to spending more time on business development and less time on closing deals, that actually doing the work.
  6. You will get very stressed initially. When you start earning $10k a month, invest it into people and training those people. DON’T take it as home income, otherwise life will be much harder and stressful for you, for a long time.
  7. Once you start to hit $3k, $5k and eventually $10k, start to narrow down the services you offer. If you offer multiple services you’ll be very inefficient due to training, having to handle more diverse problems, and having to create multiple lead generation and marketing campaigns, for each service you offer.
  8. Hire a sales representative, whether they close sales or create partnerships. Sales representatives in America, expect to be paid commission only, use this to your advantage.
    1. Hiring a sales rep. means that you don’t need to spend those 5-20 hours a week prospecting and selling for your own business. No matter how good you are at sales, you should still be outsourcing that, to save time.
  9. Max out your Facebook friends to 5,000 people relevant to your target market, that’s instantly 5,000 people that see your content OR 5,000 people you can add straight to a Facebook group.
  10. Build a Facebook group and sell B2B services, coaching or SaaS products from day one.
  11. Invest into a sales funnel:
    1. Create an Email Capture: 3 email sequence to introduce yourself, Value emails daily or every other day.
    2. Sell in every daily email, but soft sell “If you want to know more, see X”
    3. Find a way to scale your cold emails to send 10,000 emails a month. I would use Revboss and 10 Gsuite accounts, or,, Elastic Email, Sendrid, etc.
  12. Make an offer every month for a new service or product.
  13. Run Facebook advertising, to consistently hit $10k a month.
  14. Start training a virtual assistant, to help with general admin and data scraping/entry.
  15. Stop chasing clients with no money, and target $1 million or more businesses. Whether you’ve got zero testimonials or you're a pro. Bigger companies will pay you more money.
  16. Copywriting strategy is the building block of every piece of marketing you ever do. If you send cold emails, make articles, blog posting, social media, etc., you need good copy. If you want high paid freelance gigs, you need good copy.
  17. Tailor your pricing right, for example, change it from "$120 per hour" and make it "$30 per person". This is because $120 per hour sounds steep, and many companies view you as too expensive. But at $30 per person, businesses think that sounds reasonable. Remember people make snap judgements on your price, I know how I'd rather price my group services.
  18. Learn charm and persuasion, this is a weird point. And you don’t need to learn this overnight. The truth is everyone is likable in some way, find those points. Learn the rules. Use this to your advantage. (but don’t be needy, kiss-ass. It shows).
    1. Example 1: Vincent always gives well thought out presents to his friends and always helps people he wants as a mentor.
    2. Example 2: Xavier is persistent, and always kept Vincent up to date on his plans for a Facebook group. (and helped him with cold email tips to get attention).