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👋 ∑∜ Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Software Engineer 👾, I do software for marketing, sales, and, entrepreneurship 🚀

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¿Who is Javier Cañon?

Javier Cañon experienced Software Architect Digital Marketer Social Media
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I'm Javier Canon,  an experienced Software Architect (design, .net programmer) and Digital Marketer (Mass Media, Social Media), i make tasks like:

Software Architect Tasks

Conceive and present architectural approaches for software applications, including web, client, server, and others. Design new software applications. and new operating system components.

Digital Marketer Tasks

Design and make software for sales and commercial departments, and others like:  Improve search engine optimization and general discovery of content by target groups. Analyze and report on web traffic, analytics, and engagement. Develop and implement online marketing policies and projects. Capture and track public sentiment and interests around the industry or product. Plan and set website direction, coordinate the website towards achievement of organizational objectives. Direct and implement service goals to provide online customer growth. Direct the development of internet marketing strategies.

I'm currently studying a Master's degree in Information System Engineering, because recent reports indicate that is one of the professional profiles with more future; in the area of computing, are those that have capacities related to the Information Systems and to the processes and techniques of decision making. In that line, the Information Systems Engineering presents a novel blend of Information Technology oriented to the construction, management and organization of Information Systems on the one hand, and Decision Making, on the other. It is intended to train professionals of superior quality, capable of solving the decision problems of this new millennium and leading modern societies, useful in many high-level companies (and marketing departments).